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Hey, I'm Cori, a natural light wedding photographer in Southern California, but down to travel anywhere you need me to go. The world could always use more light, joy, color, and beauty, don’t ya think? :) That’s what I try to show through my photos. If you're wondering whether I'm the photographer you've been looking for, well, here are 3 things you should know about me...

1) I love adventures seeking out beautiful landscapes that I've dreamed about from books. The world is so vast and I want to keep discovering and exploring. I have this insatiable curiosity for the beautiful world around me and dream of all the possibilities at night.

2) My happiest moment in photography is watching my couples becoming more confident in themselves during the shoot. As someone who struggled in the past with self-love and self-confidence, I love giving people that love and confidence in themselves. I love showing them they are enough, perfect, beautiful, wonderfully made, and loved. Seeing people suddenly bloom into confident models during photoshoots is the BEST feeling in the world I can’t even describe. That is why I LOVE what I do.

3) Other than reading books, I enjoy reading people. I love hearing people's stories, passions, and dreams and learning about where they've been to shape their life. I love quiet, deep, and meaningful connections with people and telling their stories in pictures and words.

Want to know even more about me and why I started doing photography? I'm flattered. Click HERE to read my (super personal) blog post and take a peek into my heart!



My dogs - Suki & Zuko (yes, I named them from "Avatar: The Last Airbender")

Walking barefoot in the grass and collecting leaves and flowers to dry in my favorite books

Waking up slowly to the sound of rain pattering outside my window

Tea (sadly not much of a coffee person though I love the smell of it)

Cake, macarons, pastries, ice cream...did I mention cake? (Yes, I'll be wanting to try a slice of yours at your wedding)

Travelin' and Explorin' (The wilderness must be explored! Caw-caw-raar!)


How to touch my toes
Packing light
Shooting film
Letting go of perfection and celebrating progress

Meet The Team


Owner, Visionary Photo Boss, Lead Photographer & Designer

INFP. Hey thas me! I wear a lot of hats running this business. When not photographing weddings, you'll find me either doing product and lifestyle photography or designing brand identities for small businesses, as graphic design is another creative outlet I enjoy.

Btw psssttt, in case you haven't noticed from your computer, if you hover over our names, you'll get to see our faces! ;)


Business Operations

INFJ. Cori is the genius and artist behind it all and I am the sounding board that helps turns those dreams into concrete reality. Basically I make sure that everything runs smoothly. I also have the privilege of talking to amazing couples to see if we are a good fit for each other.

I love music, traveling (11 countries so far), and listening to people’s stories to empower people so they feel beautiful and powerful beyond measure.

Kind Words


We used Cori for our photos, and have zero regrets! From the very beginning, she gave so much helpful guidance from choosing the ideal location, helping us pick our outfits, and giving recommendations for hair/makeup artists. On the day of the shoot she also got there early and already had ideas for where we would take photos, so our time was used very efficiently. Being photographed can sometimes feel artificial and awkward, but she had us do silly and fun things to capture genuine laughter. There were also moments she had us answer some meaningful questions and allowed us to truly savor that moment and look ahead to our future. Our photos came out much better than I could have ever imagined. She even caught great pictures of our dog who never sits still or looks at the camera! I believe Cori truly has a talent and passion for photography, and I would highly recommend and trust her to capture your special event.


My late birthday gift came by email yesterday...I got the photos and oh my God... I have NO WORDS! THANK YOU Cori! Thank you so much! That indeed warmed my heart! I almost couldn’t sleep cuz I was so excited 😂 I have no words to describe the pics that I got...GOD, SHE IS GOOD!!! She rocks!!! Those photos are AMAZING! You rock girl! I am so proud of having a friend so talented! Your work is perfect! Those photos were my birthday present, I will keep them forever (I will even print some of them to put on our future house, including the one that are the 4 of us ❤️). I wish you and David the best that this world can offer, and tons of success in your career! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Girl I am serious, you rock! I hope you fly higher and higher everyday!


Wishing that we were still in Italy eating gelato, pizza, and pasta everyday! I wanted honeymoon photos taken the moment we decided that we were going to the Amalfi Coast, but there were so many other things that we had to do for our actual wedding that I never got around to booking a shoot. We were walking on the beach one day in Positano when I saw Cori taking photos of another couple. I had to work up the courage and follow her around a little bit (LOL), but I ended up booking her to take our photos too. Everything worked out perfectly and she was so sweet! We love how our photos turned out and we are already dreaming of visiting Positano again one day ❤️🇮🇹 I still can't get over how perfect the dress fit and how everything turned out! We hope to run into you again somewhere amazing in the future! 😊❤️

couple walking on spaggio grande beach in positano italy


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Before we decide if we should work together, take a look at my portfolio to see if my artistic style is what you're looking for for your special day.


For a quick rundown of my packages and answers to some of your questions, head on over here for more information.

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