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Beautiful. Meaningful. Intentional. Intimate. Unique.

The day you get married to the love of your life, the day you’ve dreamt about your whole life, should be a day of endless joy and love. So why is it that so many couples end up experiencing more family drama than support when planning their own wedding? Why is that so many couples can’t wait for their wedding day to be over and done with? Why is it that weddings nowadays have become more about putting on a big show for guests you barely know than having an intentional and meaningful time with your own spouse? Are you tired of being steamrolled when making decisions for your big day? Are you weary of trying to please everyone and feeling unhappy because this is not what you imagined your wedding to look like?

I am here to tell you that your wedding can be different. Your wedding day deserves to be more than just a performance. You deserve to start your married life with beautiful intention, a wedding day that’s exactly what you and your spouse imagine and hope to experience, with your closest friends and family members around you, showering you with nothing but love and joy. You don’t have to live a life dictated by other people’s expectations or cookie-cutter tradition.

This kind of intentional wedding is often called an “elopement.” It’s anything that YOU want your wedding day to look like.

Even if you don’t have an adventurous elopement for your wedding, you can still create this kind of intentional day. Allow me to empower you on your wedding day to do what YOU want to do and write your own story. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do what you feel expected to do. Just for a moment, forget tradition, family expectations, bridesmaid drama, and just ponder over it: What do YOU truly want out of your wedding day? More quiet time alone with your spouse? An unforgettable, slower-paced adventure to soak in the wild, nature-y beauty at your intimate destination wedding? Secretly hoping to skip the bouquet and garter toss to just have more time doing a first dance with your grandparents? Want to elope on a mountain with just you and your lover to say your private vows before coming back down to a celebratory reception dinner with a close intimate circle of friends and family? You. Do. You.

I’ll be there to cheer you on with every brave decision you make, help you plan your day, research and give you all the best location recommendations, and of course, document your memories as you celebrate you and your love. You’re on the greatest adventure of all with the love of your life and you deserve to have the unforgettable wedding experience you long for. Don’t let someone else write your story for you. Be unapologetically you.

A Few More Details...


Here's the deal. If photography is just something you just want to cross off your wedding checklist and you're just looking for someone to press a button on a camera and call it a day, we might not be the best fit for each other. Once the cake is eaten, the flowers dried, and the rentals returned, your photos will be the only thing you get to keep for years to come to remember all the details and emotions from that beautiful day. Your memories, your photos matter to me and I'll do what it takes to capture the moment. You want to invest in what will last and withstand the sands of time, right? Of course you do.

Many couples regretfully admit post-wedding that they wished they had invested more in photography as it is the only thing left after the wedding that truly captures and preserves all the memories and emotion. I don't just click a button on my camera and call it a day. I want you to feel comfortable with my photography and artistic style so that I can get in close and capture all the fleeting candid moments, the tears, the laughs, the in-between looks. Memories grow dim and fade away as time passes but as you flip through the pages of your heirloom wedding album, your photos will be like a candle lighting up the night, glowing with warmth and tinged with happiness as you travel back in time.

If this sounds like your cup of tea and exactly what you want from your wedding, let's talk! Shoot me a message and I'll send over my full collection page for you to browse through. Additional photographers, albums, and extra hours are available for purchase in packages. All services and products are subject to the required 7.75% California sales tax.

Prices are subject to change without notice. The only way to lock in on current prices is to pay the 50% retainer fee with a signed contract. First-come, first-serve!





○ Perfect for Engagement, Bridal, Pre-Wedding, Anniversary, & "Just Because" Portrait Sessions
○ Wardrobe Styling
○ Location Scouting & Recommendations
○ Digital Online Gallery

Starting at $500




○ Starting at 6 Hours
○ Wedding Timeline Review
○ Vendor Referrals
○ Location Scouting & Recommendations
○ Digital Online Gallery

Starting at $2500
Average Investment Range $3500-$4500




○ Starting at 6 Hours
○ Wedding Timeline Review
○ Vendor Referrals
○ Location Scouting & Recommendations
○ Digital Online Gallery

Starting at $4500
Please inquire for custom pricing

Frequntly Asked Questions



Can you travel for weddings?

I'd travel the world for you.

Traveling is good for the soul and love is good for the heart. Put both of them together where I get to travel to witness and document your day of love, and viola! you'll have me dancing in gleeful ecstasy. Tell me where you're at and let's make the magic happen!


Why should I hire you?

You should book me if you like my work and you like my personality, simple as that. Your photographer will be the person you'll be spending the most of amount of time with on your wedding day (even more than your future spouse!). It'd be awful if you had to spend all day with someone you didn't get along with, now wouldn't it? Goshdarnnit, you deserve someone you love!

Same goes for me as the photographer. I want to work with people I genuinely click with. It makes the job more fun :)

If my charming personality wins you over, then by all means, let's do this!


What kind of photographer are you?

A natural light photographer.
And also the one you probably need. *subtle wink

Other than that, I'm in my element when I am a quiet documentary photographer observing the room and anticipating fleeting moments before it even happens. It’s those small, quiet moments that would be unnoticed by the bride and groom that I cherish most at weddings. My top priority is to get you in your best moments with gorgeous lighting. That also means helping with posing. I want you to see yourself confident, beautiful, fierce, and loved. You want both the picture perfect poses and the candid and intimate moments that can’t ever be planned or posed. I'll get you at your best angle so that even if you're ugly-crying while reading your vows, you'll still look beautiful and radiant and get the warm fuzzy feelings looking back years from now.


What's your editing style?

You'll notice that all my wedding photos are bright, vibrant, and warm, full of light and joy, with a touch of elegance. It's your wedding day and you will remember yourself through my eyes as someone who was and is radiant, beautiful, loved, and dazzling. There will always be a touch of magic and light. If that's what you're looking for, I'm your girl!


How do we book you?

1) Fill out my contact form to check my availabilities and also so I can get to know you!
2) Once we decide that we're a good fit for each other, I'll send over an electronic contract for you to sign.
3) I also require a 50% retainer fee to reserve your wedding date. I won't be officially booked for your date until the contact is signed and retainer fee is paid. All bookings will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis so if you want to me reserve the date to document your day, don't wait too long!
4) The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. All services and products are subject to the required 7.25% California sales tax.

Prices are subject to change without notice. The only way to lock in on current prices is to pay the 50% retainer fee with a signed contract.


Should I do a first look?

Personally, I love when couples do first looks. It's the moment of quiet happiness and joy, just basking in each other's presence before the wedding whirlwind really starts. No one to perform for, just you and your lover (and me, your professional third-wheeler). Intimate, romantic, sweet, and emotional...sounds pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree?

Also, doing a first look gives you more time to get more photos done of you two (and your bridal party). A quiet moment together AND more photos from your wedding day? Pretty sweet right?


What is an "Adventure Session"?

On the day of the wedding, everything just pass by in a blur. It can be hard to find time to appreciate the beautiful dress and bouquet or even soaking in your partner's presence. During the wedding, my role is to document the special fleeting moments as you enjoy the time with your loved ones. An adventure session (either before or after your wedding) allows you to relax and enjoy your wedding day without turning it into a very time-constrained photoshoot. An adventure session is not just a photoshoot, it's an experience that I'll help plan to fit you and your spouse's unique hobbies and personalities. These adventure sessions are meant to be about you and your spouse in a beautiful place. Want to hop on a plane to Oregon or Seattle for a sunrise shoot on the beautiful rugged coast? Or release biodegradable sky lanterns in Thailand with a million other people to light up the night sky and live out your Tangled dreams? I love helping with travel planning so it'll just be a time of fun. No pressure, no performance. Just unrestrained love and joy.

And I mean, if you're already in a beautiful place, you need someone to take your travel Insta-couple photos right?! Let's chat to come up with your unique adventure session! Travel fees may vary so I'll put together a custom quote depending on what you're looking to do.


Should I do an engagement session or a pre-wedding shoot?

If you want to have a good time with me, goofing around and laughing till your stomach hurts, ummm...YES!
If you want to reconnect with your partner and have a fun date admist the busy and stressful wedding planning running around trying to keep everyone happy, it should be a no-brainer YES!
If you want to have cute photos to show off your love to the world on your wedding day at the reception table, YES YES YES!

Engagement sessions or pre-wedding shoots are also super helpful in getting to know your photographer and see how they work. It can help both you and the photographer know how to prepare for photos on your wedding day. Engagement sessions are for semi-formal attire as if you're going on a romantic dinner date while pre-wedding shoots are for those who want more formal photos with their beautiful wedding dress on. Pre-weddings are perfect if you wanted an adventurous time in your wedding outfits in exotic locations. Either way, you can't go wrong because it'll be you, your honey pie, and me. I'll be there every step of the way, from location scouting the perfect place, helping with the styling and coordinating outfits to be photo-ready, and even giving suggestions for HMUA vendors so you can get all glammed up for photos.

Just say, "I Do" and we'll be off on a romantic photo adventure!


How soon do I get my photos back?

For portraits sessions, I have a 3-week turnaround. For weddings and other events, you will be getting your photos within 6-8 weeks, depending on if it's during the busy wedding season or not.


How many photos will we get after the wedding?

For weddings, you will be getting about 50-100 photos per hour. For portrait sessions, you will be getting about 25-40 images, more or less. Please note that the number of photos per hour varies on different factors such as the size of the wedding. These are rough estimates as I try to focus more on quality moments to tell your story. All packages will include a gallery link for you to view and download your High-Resolution, carefully-edited photos. Additional prints from a trusted print lab can be purchased through the gallery link.


Why does it take so long to get my photos back?

Each photographer has their own way of running their business and delivering their photos. I take my time to carefully edit your photos while juggling other wedding galleries and I take short breaks to come back with fresh eyes so that you receive my very best. Please be patient with me as I edit away. Your photos, your memories matter to me. My editing style is very personalized as I tend to hand-edit to produce that "wow" factor. I take care with each image and triple-review the galleries before sending it off to you. I do try to aim delivering the gallery sooner but the delivery time will be completely dependent on how busy the wedding season is so I don't want to overpromise and risk disappointment. Rest assured, your gallery will be delivered within the promised industry-standard 6-8 weeks!

Kind Words


When preparing for our wedding and choosing a photographer to capture that special day, I immediately thought of Cori. Her artistic perspective is what I wanted for the photos. I didn’t want photos to just capture the image of people, but to capture each moment throughout our wedding. Cori did a wonderful job in capturing our joy, excitement, and laughters. I also love seeing the photos of our family and friends and how it captured their emotions during our ceremony and reception. When you are the bride and the groom, you do not see what is going on among the guests. As we looked through our photos, I saw tears of joy and excitement among our friends and family. Cori uses all her surroundings and integrates them into capturing the moment. She used the lights in the reception hall to bring the best side of me (the bride) and the handsome side of my husband! Our family members told us that we look like models in the pictures!


Cori is a special talent who will undoubtedly take fantastic pictures of you and your loved ones. But more than that, she is a truly warm person, very diligent, organized, punctual, and so easy to work with, making you feel comfortable and really making the photoshoot fun. You will not be disappointed and we will request her services for every major life event from here on out :P It was abundantly clear that Cori prepared for each shoots. Prior to our shoot, she listed multiple options for venues that were dog friendly (we of course had to bring our shiba inu along as our fur baby). At each location, she instructed us how we should pose, and made it fun (i.e. sing your favorite karaoke song) and meaningful (i.e. name five characteristics of your wife which you value the most) while snapping pictures. She brought us to the most stunning locations in the park and produced some jaw-dropping pictures. While the park had natural beauty, Cori has exceptional photo editing skills. As we scrolled through the pictures on her website, my wife and I literally remarked to each other, "I cannot believe how WELL these pictures turned out!" We truly could not be happier with the pictures!


These make me just smile 😊 I remember at one point Cori had my husband list things we had eaten in Italy using a Darth Vader voice and I was dying from laughter. I loved how she was creative in pulling out real emotions from us, it definitely worked 😅 She made us feel completely comfortable and captured some of the most beautiful pictures for us to remember the Trevi Fountain by. It just was meant to happen, and these are some of my favorite photos from our trip 😊

Couples adventure photoshoot at Trevi Fountain in Rome


It was truly the most memorable experience we've had in Venice. We appreciate you taking these photos for us, they turned out great! We're impressed and loved looking through them. The photos are perfect and it was such a pleasure to meet you. We hope to see you in Italy again 💕

couple on rialto bridge venice italy


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